What We Believe

What We Believe

We are a diverse group of people united by our faith in Jesus Christ. Our commitment to ministry and mission is in his name. We support and respect each other. We value openness and honesty before God. We do not have just one way to put our faith into words. We welcome questions and insights that come from people who possess a variety of life experiences. We seek a biblical and living faith in Christ, a relationship with our Triune God and with each other.

We are Protestant Christians in the Reformed Tradition. We trace our heritage back to Geneva, Switzerland to John Calvin, to John Knox of the Church of Scotland, along with many others of the Reformed Theological Tradition in Church history. Reformed faith and theology is not fixed nor static. We appreciate the motto “Ecclesia Reformata Semper Reformanda,” which means, “the church reformed, always being reformed.” Christ is always calling us forward in faith and service.

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is a confessional church with historic creeds and confessions as found in our Book of Confessions. Additional confessions may be added in time, as new generations of Presbyterians express their faith in Jesus Christ. Each generation speaks to the present needs of the church and the world.

Presbyterians have always emphasized the grace of God in every part of our belief and practice. God’s grace is freely given through love and mercy. Presbyterians insist upon the sovereignty of God, meaning God is Lord of all. We recognize God and God’s willingness to care for us, eagerness to love us, and desire for our salvation/wholeness. In Jesus we find God’s grace. In his crucifixion and resurrection, we know the triumph of God’s compassion for our suffering/broken world.

We desire and strive to keep growing in faith, hope, and love. We continue to know our need for God’s forgiveness. We find our salvation and purpose for living is in Jesus Christ. We learn to trust and serve him. Strengthened by God’s Holy Word and Spirit working in/through us, we work together to serve Christ in our community and world. We welcome and desire to walk with others in faith’s journey and calling.

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