Old Broad Street Church

The front of the building, which faces away from
Broad Street, but originally faced King’s Highway


This was the first church erected in Bridge Town; the cornerstone was laid in 1792. It was finished and first used for worship in 1795, but not before funds were raised by a state-wide lottery to complete the building. Used by the congregation only until 1836, the building was preserved in pristine condition highly regarded by experts in church architecture. During the 41 years of the building’s use, such innovations as astral lamps and wood stoves built at Atsion were introduced.


The church is a brick structure similar to those built in Philadelphia during the second half of the 18th Century. Broad Street Church has pews arranged in “church order” — that is, facing the narrower wall — rather than in the traditional “meeting house order.” The elevated pulpit is of typical “wine glass” design. Above the pulpit is the plaster “all-seeing eye of God.” The ornamental plaster ceiling has an entwined grape and grain design.

The steps up into the wine glass pulpit

Current Use

Old Broad Street Church is used by First Presbyterian Church for morning worship (10 AM) on Sundays throughout August until after Labor Day. Traditionally it has been used for a community service on Thanksgiving Day. Broad Street Church can be open for tours. Phone First Presbyterian Church at (856) 455-0809 to make arrangements.

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